Come address the safety issues that matter most to you. Discuss crime & nuisance hotspots with neighbors and police officers working in your neighborhood.

Southwest Police Precinct
2300 SW Webster
Seattle, WA

Meeting is held from 7-8:30pm on the 3rd Tues of every month except for July, Aug, & Dec.

Friday, May 28, 2010


The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm. The guest speaker, Lt. Woodrow Perkins, was introduced by Vice President, Richard Miller. Lt Perkins is employed in the enforcement division of the Washington State Liquor Control Board. This agency also consists of the Licensing Division and the Commercial Division.

The Liquor Control Board enforcement unit deals with tobacco, non retail sales, merchants, importers and wine makers and their own commercial outlets. Washington wines are featured in some stores.

This unit enforces a host of laws regarding alcohol sales. No sales to persons under 21, no sales to an apparently drunk person.

Lt. Perkins explained the licensing process. The first step is to decide what kind of an establishment you wish to open. The options are from full restaurant service to wine and beer with snacks. There is a variety of combinations including sports entertainment and gift shops.

Once this decision is made the next step is to make a formal written application to the Liquor Board. Each applicant is assigned a UVI Number.

Applications are investigated by a Liquor Board Employee. The applicant must supply the names of all partners having an interest in the business; his personal and criminal history as well as that of all other partners. A point system is used to evaluate the applicant. Eight or more points disqualify you for a license. The last 5 years of your history must be free of personal or criminal charges, etc.

A minimum of 60 to 90 days is required to process the application. Twenty days prior to the final hearing re the license, notices are sent to all agencies in the area of the business. Public posting of the application on the door or window of the business. All public institutions within 500 feet of the business are contacted. There is a period during which all objections to the license must be sent to the Liquor Board.

Once a license is obtained, the owner is obligated to do an on line briefing re alcohol and agree to follow the rules required by the State. Employees who actually mix drinks or pull alcoholic beverages must be over 21. They are required to attend a training seminar and become certified. Servers must be at least 18 years or older. They also must obtain a permit.

With regard to food service requirements, it will depend on what kind of a business you opt for before you apply for the license. This information is provided on the Liquor Control Board web site. A “good neighbor agreement” is hoped for from each establishment. Seattle has an ordinance which requires the licensee and local authorities to agree on certain rules for clubs to avoid problems with their neighbors. Public Safety is accentuated, License renewals can be delayed if these policies are not observed by the licensee.

The Enforcement Unit makes compliance checks for violations; sends undercover agents to investigate complaints. Fines of $500 and up, suspension of license for a two year period or a combination of fine and suspension. Cancellation of licenses may occur after a hearing.

A great deal of interest was shown by the audience and many questions were answered by Lt. Perkins.


LT James gave the police reports. Generally speaking car thefts have returned to about normal after some low months. Some of the worst offenders who were sentenced to long terms are now being released.

Armed robbery (2 in March, 5 in April) ; none seemed to be connected. Strong arm robbery (snatching of purses, ipods, etc) were down.

CAR PROWLS fall in a class by themselves. They have gone up steadily during the last three months. The police are asking that absolutely all car prowls be reported even if nothing is taken. February 87, March 97 and 124 in April were reported. The police are hoping for a a pattern to develop. The three things that make for good car prowl territory are: easy access, availability and opportunity. The 10 blocks between Spokane and California have been hit hardest. Car Prowls take place between dark and daylight.

Lt James said that people coming to the SW Precinct to report a crime and finding the building closed should use the phone outside to call 911. All dispatch of officers is from a central call center down town.

A concern was expressed that a neighborhood deli/grocery was holding a beer party on Sunday afternoon in their parking lot. David Stitt, Liquor Compliance Unit, said that it was a one time event to introduce some new brands of beer to his customers. David said he visited the business twice on Sunday and did not observe any violations. There will be a new sign ordinance limiting the size and number of alcohol signs in an establishment.

A man was murdered Thursday am at the Bartell's Drug Store on Roxbury. Lt James said this is gang related. Also the victim of this shooting was a man arrested last week for shoplifting in the liquor store on California.

CPT Officer, Jill Vanskike has been promoted and will be replaced by John Kihn who has been with the precinct for 3 plus years.


High Point Neighborhood has formed a Peace and Safety Team to provide supervision during the summer. They need 120 who can volunteer 2 hours per month to fill the schedule.

Block Watch Captains Network will meet Tuesday, May 25th at 6 pm at the SW Precinct.

WSCPC will not meet during July and August. Dot Beard encouraged everyone to participate in Seattle's Night Out scheduled for August 3rd from 6 pm to 9 pm.

The annual SW Precinct Picnic will be August 21 from 1 pm to 4 pm. Food, beverages and entertainment will be provided on the public parking area on Webster Street. There will be a variety of police equipment and other activities for the public to tour.


The meeting was adjourned. Submitted by Betty Wiberg, Secretary

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Help Save Crime Prevention Coordinators

West Seattle Crime Prevention Council is asking for your help in writing letters to help save the position of the Crime Prevention Coordinators.

Click on the image and it will enlarge in a new window.

Thank you

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Community Safety Meeting, Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our guest speaker for May will be Lt. Woodrow Perkins, Liquor Control Board

If you would like to submit questions in advance of the meeting please do so in an e-mail to